Kalendarium wydarzeń
10 sty pt, 17:30
Superbohaterowie na warsztacie!
17 sty pt, 18:00
Sąsiedzki Wieczór Kolęd
24 sty pt, 9
Darwin. Jedyna taka podróż - wystawa ilustracji
15 lut sob,
Zakochani w filmie - warsztat walentynkowy
21 lut pt, 17:30
Rodzinne ceramiczne warsztaty
Our ESC projects

Our ESC projects

We are looking for TWO volunteers

for hosting organisations Cultural Club Wola and High School no. XXVII

for the European Solidarity Corps six person project



From 1st October 2019 to 30th September 2020


We strongly believe that hosting volunteers is a major opportunity for both staff members and the local community. Working with foreign volunteers may be extremely developing and educating as well as hugely interesting and inspiring. By cooperation with foreign volunteers we can learn how to look at the things we do, from other, totally new perspective. Hosting volunteers may be also a great opportunity for our regular attenders and the local community to draw knowledge of a foreign culture and art. It is also a chance to expand our audience and attract more people to visit our institution.


1. Cultural Center “Dworek Białoprądnicki” (no places)
2. Cultural Club Przegorzały (no places)
3. Cultural Club Mydlniki (no places)
4. Cultural Club Wola
5. High School no. XXVII
6. Maltese Help Center for Children and their families (no places)

What are the topics ?

Cultural Center and Clubs: art, cooperation, creativity, professional skills, events coordination, cultural differences
Maltese Help Cente : working with children with disabilities, integration
High School: cultural differences, working with children and youngsters
whole project: cooperation and integration throuth art.

Do you need more informations ?


Are you up for a challenge?

Join the European Solidarity Corps and APPLY now!

Contact details of the coordinating organisation:

Cultural Center “Dworek Bialopradnicki”

PIC number: 946718449
Tel.: +48 12 429 90 52
Mobile.: +48 669 882 229
Papiernicza 2, 31-221 Kraków


Our EVS e-mail: evs@dworek.eu

You can check out the results of our previous EVS project WORLD MUSIC IN KRAKÓW with Laurita Baquero Calvillo and GET ORGANIZED with Alvaro Romero Escalane and Fany Haralambidi.

Recruitment process

To take part in the recruitment process of our EVS project you will have to do the following steps:

  1. Send a carefully prepared Curriculum Vitae and send it to contact person via e-mail: evs@dworek.eu
  2. Fulfill our EVS Application Form which you can find and download by clicking ON THIS LINK. The fulfilled application should be send on our e-mail: evs@dworek.eu as well.
  3. Short-listed candidates will be asked to participate in arranged Skype interview.
  4. Selected candidates will be asked to print, sign, stamp the Mandate (by sending organization) then scan it and send it back to the coordinating person. If the mandate is filled correctly, we will provide you the postal address to submit the original.